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Protin symple

ProteinSimple Products by Agile Diagnostics: Explore advanced protein analysis systems and solutions from ProteinSimple, available through Agile Diagnostics, for streamlined protein characterization and quantification.

ProteinSimple Products by Agile Diagnostics

Agile Diagnostics partners with ProteinSimple to offer cutting-edge protein analysis systems and solutions. ProteinSimple is recognized for its pioneering technologies that simplify protein characterization and quantification processes, providing researchers with reliable tools for biomedical research, biopharmaceutical development, and clinical diagnostics.

Key Offerings:

  • Western Blotting Systems: Automated platforms for efficient and reproducible western blot analysis.

  • Capillary Electrophoresis Systems: High-resolution systems for protein separation and analysis.

  • Imaging and Data Analysis Software: Advanced software solutions for data visualization, analysis, and result interpretation.

  • Application Support: Comprehensive technical support, training, and application-specific solutions to maximize system performance and research productivity.

Agile Diagnostics ensures access to ProteinSimple’s innovative technologies, empowering scientists and researchers to advance their protein research with precision, efficiency, and reproducibility across diverse scientific disciplines and applications.

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