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Asuragen Products by Agile Diagnostics: Explore innovative molecular diagnostic products and services from Asuragen, available through Agile Diagnostics, specializing in RNA-based testing for genetic disorders and oncology.

Asuragen Products by Agile Diagnostics

Agile Diagnostics collaborates with Asuragen to offer a comprehensive range of molecular diagnostic products and services. Asuragen is a leader in RNA-based testing solutions, specializing in genetic testing for inherited genetic disorders, oncology, and other clinical applications.

Key Offerings:

  • Genetic Testing Assays: High-quality assays and kits for detecting genetic mutations and variants associated with inherited disorders and oncology.

  • Oncology Testing Solutions: RNA-based tests for detecting cancer-specific biomarkers and monitoring treatment response.

  • Technical Services: Custom assay development, validation services, and laboratory testing solutions.

  • Clinical Support: Comprehensive support, including technical assistance, training, and interpretation of test results for healthcare professionals.

Agile Diagnostics ensures access to Asuragen’s cutting-edge technologies, empowering healthcare providers and researchers to deliver accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment options in genetic and oncological testing.

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